Financial Literacy: Empowerment

Smith’s commitment to underserved communities doesn’t stop at education. Understanding the importance of financial literacy at a young age can be the key to a successful future paired with education. Not only does Smith support a variety of educational initiatives but he also supports those initiatives that improve financial literacy in children. Organizations that align with Smith’s efforts in providing financial literacy knowledge to children include Goalsetter and Girls Who Invest.

Black child sits and laughs with family while using a tablet

“Raising Black representation in the financial workforce doesn’t just put more Black people in high-quality jobs. It helps build opportunity and wealth over generations while promoting financial literacy that is so crucial to achieving prosperity.”

Robert F. Smith Partners With


This movement aims to educate kids on financial literacy from a young age to establish a foundation for generational wealth. Smith partnered with Goalsetter to give 2,400 students and faculty and staff at Eagle Academy 5 shares of stock in Vista Equity companies.

Girls Who Invest

This non-profit organization is dedicated to increasing the number of women in portfolio management and executive leadership in the asset management industry. Smith is an avid supporter of helping women excel in leadership positions within corporations.