Working with Organizations That Raise Up Communities

Robert F. Smith is involved with many organizations that uplift communities and help make the world a better place. These groups all share Smith’s passion for improving life within underserved communities, the health care industry, the environment, the career pipeline and within the realm of social justice. Smith and his wife, Hope Dworaczyk Smith, are both involved in philanthropic efforts across many different aspects of the global community. Learn more about the specific organizations that Smith has focused on over the years.

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Achieving Philanthropic Goals Through Powerful Partnerships

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Education: A New Generation of Scholars

No matter which community a person grows up in, the ability to receive a meaningful education from kindergarten through college is crucial in order to achieve social and economic equality. Smith works with these organizations to create affordable and impactful education opportunities for all:

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Health Care: A Brighter Future for All

A human right, access to quality health care education and medical treatment is often a challenge for African American communities. Organizations such as these are key to Smith’s vision of a more equitable, healthy future.

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Environment: Making Room for Everyone

Green space doesn’t come with equal access and many communities struggle against poor air quality, a lack of recreational space and barriers to access that many take for granted. Smith’s work with these environmental organizations aims to ensure everyone gets a chance to breathe clean air and fish pristine mountain streams.

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Career Pipeline: Diversifying Corporations

On-ramps to success often start when students are still learning skills that lead to great careers. Smith knows that having opportunities in the form of internships, networking or simply encouragement to reach for the stars can make all the difference for students and young professionals. That’s why these organizations are some that he works closely with to foster great careers.

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Financial Literacy: Empowerment

Promoting financial literacy among youth in underserved communities can be the foundation needed to achieving generational wealth. Smith partners with organizations committed to educating young people specifically on capital markets, and how to navigate them.

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Civil Rights and Social Justice: Envisioning Equality

Civil rights and social justice issues are at the forefront of Robert F. Smith’s philanthropic efforts. By working with organizations that support criminal justice reform and voter rights, Smith aims to help individuals and families in Black communities receive equal opportunities and rights.

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The 2% Solution

The 2% Solution grew from the idea that lasting, generational change is possible only through a major investment in economic justice for Black communities.

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The Southern Communities Initiative

A catalytic effort to coordinate and accelerate racial equity funding, programming, and convening organizations in six southern communities that are home to approximately 50% of the African American population.