Education: A New Generation of Scholars

Minorities and underserved communities deserve the greatest investment in their educations. Smith has strived to close the educational gap between these students and their peers to help them form generational wealth for years to come. Organizations that support Smith’s efforts in this include internXL, Student Freedom Initiative and Girls Who Invest. 

Black students sit next to each other working on laptops

“The greatest pleasure is to liberate a human spirit. And when you're able to liberate the human spirit and see that spirit really become its best self, that is the greatest thrill on the planet….The problems I want to solve now are an equalization of opportunity for African Americans to help them onboard into what is the commercial enterprise that is America. How do we create sustainable career opportunities for people – not just a job, not just a place to go work?”

Robert F. Smith Partners With

The Eagle Academy Foundation Logo

Eagle Academies

This public school foundation was developed to support male students in grades 6 through 12 with college-preparatory schools that are located in challenged, urban communities in and around New York City. Smith has been a longtime supporter of this foundation and has made multiple donations to their efforts including Smith’s investment in the financial literacy app Goalsetter along with a donation of Vista Equity Partners stock to students, faculty and staff at Eagle.

Columbia Business School Logo

Columbia Business School

As a graduate from the Columbia Business School, Smith made a donation in 2017 of $15 million that allowed the school to secure necessary funding to obtain two new state-of-the-art buildings. Smith is also a member of the school’s board.

Cornell University Logo

Cornell University

Smith made a personal donation of $20 million to Cornell University’s College of Engineering and funded $10 million in Tech Scholars scholarships for African Americans and women.